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World and session information for our DnD 5e Campaign : "Lakehead"

Player Characters Edit

Alunar Bloodbath : born in a literal bath of blood, follows an ancient God named "he who hungers"

Eris : ranger who was orphaned after her adopted family of rangers was slain by Tieflings

Mario Baduum : recently divorced plumber and inventor who's massive family has worked for years in Lakehead

Phann Nailo : mercilessly bullied as a child, now a cleric for the drow God of victory

Thia Thistle : lover of animals and the natural world, wants open a shelter for abandoned and injured animals

Tibber Gibber the Fibber : a mediocre mage, but a most excellent lover

Thorin Ironfist : exiled prince of the Ironfist clan, questing to regain his home and shirt

Spruce Wane : student of the way of shadows, and successor of the famed "bat monk"

Session DescriptionsEdit

Session 3 : The Felicity

Session 2 : Kobold's Eleven

Session 1 : The Beginning

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